The Ryugado Cave Preservation Association

From the President

The Ryugado Cave Preservation Association is a public organisation that is dedicated to the management and preservation of Ryugado Cave, a designated natural monument and historical site.
Ryugado Cave is a one of Japan’s best caves for sightseeing and Kochi Prefecture’s number one sightseeing spot. Near the exit of the cave are the remains of cave-dwelling people during the Yayoi Period, such as the remains of earthenware you can see fused in the stalactites. This is like no other place in the world. There are different courses to choose from such as the general viewing course, the adventure course where you put on a helmet and headlight and explore the dark recesses of the cave with a navigator, and the general viewing course in which the lights are switched off and you can enjoy the darkness of the cave with only the light of paper lanterns.
(*The adventure course requires bookings. Please book in advance.)
Nearby you can visit the Ryugado Cave Museum and the Rare Birds Centre that is home to the designated natural monument, the long-tailed fowl and its habitat. Both are free.
We look forward to your visit. Jyunichi Okazaki, Ryugado Cave Preservation Association President

The role of the Ryugado Cave Preservation Association

  • The management and preservation of Ryugado Cave.
  • To assist visitors and researchers of the cave.
  • To implement important projects to spread knowledge of Ryugado Cave around the world.
  • Other projects that meet the goals of the association.

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